About The Founder

Daisy Mack is a natural hair stylist, loctician, and extension specialist with 20 years of experience. She owns Peezyheadz Natural Hair Salon, where she has developed and tested techniques for braiding hair, installing extensions, and grooming dreadlocs safely without damaging the hair or compromising the delicate hair along the hairline.

Daisy’s mission has been to combat the negative effects commonly associated with the natural hair industry. She has effectively overcome these side effects by practicing and training her staff to implement her techniques.

Daisy has also developed an all-natural line of hair products that complement her methods and address the unique needs of natural hair, dreadlocs, and extensions. Her product line, Daisy’s Garden, prevents dryness, breakage, damage, and other typical complications in the industry without the use of chemicals.

Next Steps...

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