Loc Style Boot Camp

June 2nd 10:00 am -12:00

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Stlye Locs Like a Pro

Today's industry is flooded with untrained locticians.  The results are unhealthy and unprofessional practices.  Rise above the average stylist by learning proper loc grooming and styling techniques from 2 of the industry's best stylists and educators, Lou Douglas and Daisy Mack.  Don't miss this rare opportunity.  They will be sharing their secrets and formulas to success.  Gain foundational understanding of the locking process and get hands on training and guidance as you learn.  Watch, learn, and grow your practice.



Operates her salon, Peezyheadz, and manufactures her natural hair and body product line, Daisy's Garden in Atlanta.  Daisy has been doing natural hair, locs, and extensions for decades and has developed her techniques to a science.  She is passionate about implementing safe techniques, preserving the edges, and using authentically natural products in her salon.  Daisy's and Lou's techniques compliment each other beautifully.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see this winning duo in action.


Lou Douglas

Operates his salon and produces his product line, Yani Care Products in Orlando.  Lou has extraordinary loc grooming a styling techniques.  He specializes in loc reconstruction, box definition, and meticulous and creative styling.  He has been implementing his techniques for years and has a cult like following of his work.  He travels the globe providing his services and sharing his unique loc theories.  Lou and Daisy are an amazing pair that is ready to create the next generation of amazing locticians.